It’s indisputable: living paycheck to paycheck is a major cause of emotional and physical stress.
Of all the anxieties that negatively affect “health”, financial anxiety is the most common, chronic, least addressed and now greatly exacerbated by inflation/recession, war and political chaos, especially so for people experiencing medical, mental health, family or employment issues.

It’s inexplicable: just seeing or hearing the words "Household Finances" engenders such apathy in consumers and cynicism in the financial, legal, HR, mental health and medical professionals.
It isn't that professionals are in denial or don’t recognize or care about client/patient’s financial stress. The inconvenient truth is that the professions do not have the body of knowledge, training, tools or skills necessary to effectively address living paycheck to paycheck. It’s telling that financial stress is superficially alluded to in client/patient/HR questionnaires and rarely, if ever, mentioned in promotional/educational materials.

The consensus is that spending the time and effort necessary to actually manage household finances isn’t practical because there's too much detail, it's too volatile, too difficult to do and it won’t happen as planned anyway. The common financial advice to “Go on a budget!” is a financial placebo analogous to medicine’s “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning!”

Financial literacy, universally touted as “financial education”, has a syllabus a mile wide and an
inch deep. The general public cannot be made financially literate any more than they can be made medically or legally literate unless they're going to be a professional in those disciplines. However, everyone absolutely can be made financially, medically and legally literate about their specific circumstances!

LifeMath AI makes managing household finances practical and worthwhile because it takes so little time, effort and always results in introspection, awareness, choice - and it's free for Providers' clients, patients and employees There are no involved instructions or directions, account numbers or identity information. It's 100% private and information safe because it doesn't need or use the Internet. User training is a nine-minute video. Consumer self-counseling is built inMotivation and specific subject support are provided by User’s mental health, medical, financial, HR and/or legal professionals.

Although high tech, the LifeMath AI User interface is retro. Its familiar "loan application" looking format uses fill-in-the blank boxes and drop-down menus to walk and talk Users through entering information. It physically prevents input errors and readable graphs warn against entering inappropriate amounts. ​A comprehensive EXAMPLES page functions as a tickler list so no activitiy is missed.

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