What is the difference between Lifemath AI consumer proformas and budgeting? Budgets are asymmetrical instruments because they try to cram every time frame in which finances happen (daily, weekly, semi- monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually and occasionally), into one time frame, either weekly or monthly. That makes them mathematically timed to crash and burn before first month is lived!

The LifeMath AI app is a multi-account, multi-timeframe, multi-transactional consumer cash flow proforma
that calculates, coordinates, synchronizes and presents individual and household economics, in advance, 
by week for 52 weeks and by year for fifteen years. It's the only consumer cash flow pro forma awarded a registered copyright by the US Copyright Office and recorded in the US Library of Congress. It is the only fully functional 21st century household finance technology that works equally well for the financially secure, the financially stressed and everyone in-between.

How much consumer training is necessary to use the technology? Because LifeMath AI contains only words and concepts consumers hear, see and use day-to-day, it's nine-minute training video is all they need to be competent with the technology. 

Is LifeMath AI a proven technology? It evolved over three decades and 10,000+ consults. It is fully functional and works SAFELY OFFLINE for every financial transaction possible in the national economy. ​It does not need or use the Internet, account numbers, financial buzz words, convoluted instructions/directions or concepts foreign to most consumers. Familiar fill in the blank and drop-down boxes walk and talk them through entering information. Input error avoidance is built in. An extensive EXAMPLES page functions as a convenient tickler list to assure Users don't forget anything.

​Does LifeMath AI sell, promote, recommend, offer or endorse products or services?  No!  LifeMath AI has no overt or covert agendas. Its sole function is to provide consumers with objective, understandable and accurate information so they can make good economic and lifestyle decisions for their households and themselves with or without their professionals' assistance. 

Is LifeMath AI available in other languages? It is compatible with all languages and national currencies except for Mauritania and Madagascar.

Does LifeMath AI have to be followed exactly? No! It was especially designed to be changed. Users follow their input as closely or as loosely as they want. They may start it anytime during a year and change, stop and restart it with ease. LifeMath AI always indicates where they are and where they're going to be economically. If they like what they see, they go for it! If not LifeMath AI helps them change it quickly, safely and comfortably.

NOTE: households are like financial football teams whose players all have their own plays. They have different responsibilities, needs, wants and they’re all in different places and times in their lives. Is there any wonder why there’s family dysfunction? LifeMath AI technology mitigates family relationship issues with two versions, one for households and a solo one for students, singles and seniors.

What if Users receive bad news financially? Reality is that "news" may not be as good as hoped, ​but it likely won't be as bad as feared. LifeMath AI enables Users to make bad news good and good news better.

What if household members decline to participate? Ask them how much personal money they'll need during the next year on a weekly or monthly basis, enter it in the proforma, show them their effect on household finances, disburse it to them accordingly and let them manage themselves!

Note: Children learn lifestyle and consumer finances from parents and cultures - need more be said given that 8 in 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck many with inappropriate debt and insufficient savings?

How are incomes entered if they are unknowable or vary greatly? Enter zero for those incomes and the negative amounts on the checking graph indicate how much and by when money must be earned to support the lifestyle entered. If they are uncomfortable with it, they must earn more or spend less.

What happens if Users make input errors, enter wrong amounts or leave out information? LifeMath AI analyzes every input and prevents errors from entering by prompting if necessary information is missing or if there are cash flow and/or other issues. The graphs look out of sync if the information entered is unreasonable, incomplete, inappropriate or in error.

What's the most important aspect of LifeMath AI? It enables people to live their lives by design rather than by default and have to endure whatever happens!