Annual Schedule for LifeMath App Downloads

to National Associations of Financial, Legal, Medical, Mental Health Professionals and Organizations

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Professionals download app to Consumers (clients, customers, patients, members, employees, students)

Annual Schedule for Donation Uploads to Philanthropy
from National Associations of Financial, Legal, Medical, Mental Health Professionals and Organizations

 Professionals donate to Locals

Locals donate to Nationals

Nationals donate to Philanthropy

                                                         Annual Donation Amounts​​

Organizations with ONGOING consumer relationships (example: bank) donate $1 annually per customer

Organizations with OCCASIONAL consumer relationships (example: law office) donate $12 annually per staff member  

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Donations to Philanthropy from professionals with occasional client relationships donate $12 annually per agent & staff member
Professionals with ongoing relationships donate $1 annually per customer

Occasional relationship example: Real Estate Agent

What real estate agent wouldn’t contribute $12 annually to gift a $195 financial decision-making tool to current and
potential clients with the agent’s name and contact information on every page? It’s more productive and more likely to be used and saved by clients than business cards or brochures!

Donations to Philanthropy from a national association with 15,000 members: $180,000 annually.

Ongoing relationship example: Bank

What bank wouldn’t donate $1 a year per customer to gift a $195 financial decision-making tool to current and potential customers with the bank’s name and contact information prominently displayed on every page? It establishes a more productive bank/customer relationship.
                   Donations to Philanthropy from 10 banks with 50,000 customers each: $500,000 annually.


Annual App and Donation Schedule


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                                                       Donation Examples

Donations to philanthropy from professional associations with occasional client relationships, say a national association of real estate agents with 15,000 members, would amount to $180,000 annually. 

What real estate agent can't afford $1 a month to provide current and future clients a high-end financial tool, with agent's name and contact Information prominently displayed, to help them make good real estate decisions? It's less expensive, more productive, more appreciated ​and more likely to be used and saved than business cards or brochures.​

Donations to philanthropy from associations with ongoing client relationships, say a bank, using only 1% of 80%

of American households living paycheck to paycheck, would amount to $960,000 each year!

What bank wouldn't donate $1 a year per customer to give depositors and borrowers a high-end financial tool, with the institution's name and contact information prominently displayed, to help them make good borrowing, savings and investment decisions? It's less expensive and more appreciated than toasters, business cards, brochures and delinquency remediation. LifeMath is a tool that builds more stable and lasting financial relationships.   


Donors also benefit from having their names and contact information on free Internet downloads for potential clients. LifeMath apps may be downloaded to consumers' phones and computers or may be gifted as DVD or USB handouts. Consumers would be encouraged to give copies of their blank app to friends and relatives (with contributors' contact information prominently displayed).             

It's mind boggling to think how many potential donors there are and how many languages LifeMath can quickly and easily be changed into...​​






Thank you for your continued interest!

# of US households 120,000,000
80% living paycheck

to paycheck =

96,000,000 households

X 1% participation

= $960,000 in

annual donations

​to philanthropy