For three and a half decades LifeMath has been enabling people to succeed financially rather than just survive. It's accomplished without budgeting, investing, counseling, advising or telling people what to do, or not do, with their money or their lives.

LifeMath enables people to see where they are financially and where they're going to be with credible accuracy. If they like what they see they GO FOR IT! If not they change it quickly, safely and conveniently. It’s well worth using LifeMath technology just once, or from time to time, or from now on.

Here's how: LifeMath techs provide visitors with a twenty minute online demo of the technology. There’s no sales effort because visitors either like what they see or they don’t (94% do). Support techs never ask for and LifeMath never uses account names, account numbers or private information. LifeMath, used as designed, is 100% Internet and information safe.

LifeMath isn't one size fits all. After the twenty minute demo, interested visitors choose the version they prefer:

  • LifeMath Lite is the Do It Once and Done version that works best for households whose members don’t have the time or inclination to plan and closely watch their finances. Initial setup time is 45 minutes and requires no maintenance to be useful for a year. It can be updated any time if and when desired. Includes 30 minutes of free tech support. Was $150 - Now only $95!

  • LifeMath Standard is for households whose members are cooperative and willing to manage finances in the least time, with the least effort, and most financially effective way. Initial setup time is 60 minutes. Requires 10 minute updates every other week and 15 minutes once a month. Includes 45 minutes of free tech support. ​Was $195 - Now only $150!

  • LifeMath Complete is for households whose members want firm grips on both short and long term finances. Initial setup time is 90 minutes. Users update often because they enjoy seeing how great they look, and are going to look, financially, short term and long. Includes 60 minutes of free tech support.
    Was $250 - Now only $195!


 The above amounts are not "costs", they're affordable investments people make in themselves for the tools and information necessary to synchronize their outgoes with their incomes to make the financial progress they want and/or need.

LifeMath does not involve investing, borrowing or any other third party product or service.

Although LifeMath techs are ready, willing and able to demo the technology and answer questions, their most important function is to give people a running start synchronizing their finances. It's best done human to human but works almost as well human to group with everyone's privacy always respected and protected.

With over thirty seven years and more than 10,000 Users, LifeMath has proven that its technology enables people to succeed rather than just survive!

Please enter two convenient dates and times in the Contact Form below to arrange, at your convenience, a twenty minute online demo from a friendly LifeMath tech. You'll receive a confirmed date and time shortly.


Three and a half decades of proven personal and
household finance management technology and support!

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