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​LifeMath requires Excel

LifeMath Apps are date specific and begin any date within seven days of download date

All LifeMath versions keep financial information safely offline on your home computer

​Compatible with Cloud and 1 Drive Services

Identity information and account numbers are never required, requested for or entered

Confidential descriptions can be entered as "Miscellaneous", "Because I want to" or ????

LifeMath runs on smart phones with limitations

Support is provided by your legal, financial, medical or mental health professionals

LifeMath can be configured for small businesses and coordinated with personal finances

Files open significantly faster after you rename them in your download folder

Computer speakers must be on and Excel Speak enabled for audio

Voice input is available with dictation software


Three decades of proven personal and
household finance management technology.

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LifeMath Student 

 Enables students to make birthday-like wish lists for a year instead of a day to synchronize their wants and needs with
 when and 
how parents are willing to allowance them. It's inputted in 15 minutes and is easier to use than the computer   games students play. Extra copies may be made free for additional students in a household. $35

​ ​Click here to download a 2 minute LifeMath Student demo.

  LifeMath Solo

 Transitions young adults from being financially dependent to financially independent by enabling them to synchronize 

 personal and household finances. It's inputted in about 30 minutes and updated in seconds for an entire year. $55 

 Click here to download a 3 minute  LifeMath Solo demo.​​

  LifeMath Lite

 The do it once and done version for consumers who haven't the time or inclination to micro-manage their finances.
 It's inputted in 45 minutes and also works for people who prefer to take an occasional financial $elfie.
​ Click here to download a 4 minute LifeMath Lite demo.

  LifeMath Complete is for people who want to synchronize their short-and long-term finances and confirm 
 income, outgo and interest they're receiving and paying are calculated and posted accurately. It's inputted
 in 90 minutes
and can be updated quickly and easily for up to 15 years. $195

​ Click here to download ​a 5 minute ​LifeMath Complete demo.