LifeMath uses Eventing rather than budgeting because budgeting doesn't show checkbook balances and Eventing shows them for every week during an entire year.

Budgeting is juggling finances with eyes closed. Eventing is juggling them with eyes wide open.

Eventing makes it easy to think about the events of your life, big and small, that you want to have happen or that you know will happen during the year because they all involve money.

Why spend hours upon hours doing and manage your finances
when LifeMath
can automatically synchronize them for you
faster, smarter and wiser?

​​We humans have a love/hate relationship with financial planning. We LOVE planning pleasant and exciting events like parties, vacations, holidays and big ticket purchases because they’re relatively easy and have minimal financial impact on our lives.

We don’t mind insurance and investment planning because professionals do most of the work. But we HATE planning our day

to day personal and household finances because it’s time consuming, detail intensive and so unpredictable that we feel it's not worth the effort. That’s also why most of us unnecessarily live life by default and are resigned to accept whatever happens whenever it happens!

LifeMath changes all that in about an hour. You will do the deciding, LifeMath will do the eventing and let you create lifestyles you and your household can live with.

For three and a half decades LifeMath has been enabling consumers to thrive rather than just survive. It works without budgeting, investing, counseling, advising or telling people what to do, or not do, with their money or their lives...and it works equally well for the financially secure, the financially stressed and everyone in-between.

LifeMath's the only technology that gives Users complete control of their finances in as little as an hour a month. It creates financial harmony in households and, when Users have issues, enables them to access advice from professionals, businesses

and organizations throughout the USA without cost or disclosing their identity. 

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you’re writing checks, settling checkbooks, doing on-line banking,
exposing your finances on the Internet and perhaps have excessive debt and insufficient savings. You've no idea if interest you’re paying

on credit cards and loans or receiving on savings and investments is being charged or credited accurately. you’re using

19th Century technology that was automated in the 20th Century and trying to survive with it in the 21st Century economy.

LifeMath is 21st Century technology designed for the 21st Century economy. It’s the only household and personal money management technology awarded a registered copyright by the US Copyright Office, listed in the US Library of Congress
and has successfully brought the finances of over ten thousand consumers into the 21st Century.

Order the LifeMath version below that suits your lifestyle. Limited tech support is free in all but one. Support techs never ask for, and LifeMath never uses your account names, numbers, identity or private information. The only function of tech support is to answer your "How to" questions, not "What should I do" questions. LifeMath, used as designed, is 100% information safe.

  • LifeMath Lite is the Do It Once and Done version that works best for households whose members don’t have the time or inclination to plan and closely watch their finances. Initial setup time is 60 minutes and requires no maintenance to be useful for a year. It can be updated any time if and when desired. Includes 30 minutes of free tech support.
    Was $150 - Now only $95!

  • LifeMath Standard is for households whose members are cooperative and willing to manage finances in the least time, with the least effort, and most financially effective way. Initial setup time is 90 minutes. Includes 45 minutes of free tech support. ​Was $195 - Now only $150!

  • LifeMath Complete is for households whose members want firm grips on both short and long term finances. Initial setup time is 120 minutes. Users update often because they enjoy seeing how great they look, and are going to look, financially, short term and long. Includes 60 minutes of free tech support.
    Was $250 -Now only $195!

  • LifeMath Go It Alone is for people who don't need tech support. Initial set up time is 45 minutes. Tech support is available at an hourly rate if desired. ​Was $75 - Now only $50!

LifeMath TM is a registered 1998 Trademark
​of Moneywatch Ltd. All rights reserved.

If you have questions on LifeMath 
​or it's versions, please send this form

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LifeMath uses the fill-in-the-blanks format

All time-frames and adequate # of rows are available

LifeMath pre-lives the events of your life and constantly updates how much will be in checking (black numbers below) every week for the entire year. If you like what you see GO FOR IT! If not, change and re-sync them quickly, safely and conveniently.




Three and a half decades of proven personal and
household finance management technology and support!

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