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LifeMath Student shows pre/mid teens how to synchronize their finances. It short circuits advertiser and peer pressures by balancing what kids want and need today with what they know they'll want and need tomorrow.  $35  Copies may be made for all students in a household.LifeMath Student can be taught  taught in schools in about 45 minutes without compromising students' confidentialities or privacies. Special rates for schools and non-profits. Click here to download a 2 minute LifeMath Student  demo.

LifeMath Solo  transitions young adults into financially synchronized consumers by using reality to show them how to think

(not what to think) about personal and household finances. It's completed in about 30 minutes and can be updated in seconds for
an entire year. $55 
 Click here to download a 3 minute
  LifeMath Solo demo.


LifeMath Lite  is the Do It Once & Done version that works for consumers who haven't  time or inclination to micro-manage their finances. It works great for people who prefer to do the math of their lives only once or occasionally. It's completed in about 45 minutes and can be updated in seconds for an entire year. $95  Click here to download a 4 minute LifeMath Lite demo.   

LifeMath Complete is for consumers wanting control of short and long term finances and who want all their accounts automatically settled for them including verifying interest they're paying and receiving are calculated correctly. It's completed in about 90 minutes and can be updated in seconds for an entire year. $125 ​​ Click here to download ​a 6 minute Lifemath Complete demo.

​​​​​​ ​LifeMath isn't one size fits all

Be introduced to Lifemath quickly and easy by downloading the 3 minute Solo demo 
then choose the LifeMath version demo that suits your lifestyle.

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Three and a half decades of proven personal and
household finance management technology and support!

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                                                                                                    You have your own way of handling household finances. LifeMath

doesn't change that. It simply and accurately shows you the financial effect your wants, needs and obligations will have on your life 

before you commit to them. Built in AI enables you to do self counseling to reduce your debt, build your savings, and stop living paycheck

to paycheck...without budgeting, borrowing, investing or financial crash dieting. LifeMath facilitates better interaction with your financial, mental health and medical professionals. It enhances communication and cooperation among your household members.

LifeMath anticipates many of your inputs and enters them for you. It's easy to start, stop and restart any time(s) during the year. 

Inputting's so simple and intuitive that traditional instructions and directions are unnecessary. Pop ups and audio walk and talk you through it! If you like the result GO FOR IT!  If not, LifeMath helps you quickly and simply change it until the result is what you want it o be! 

LifeMath is the only household finance technology awarded an Intellectual Property Copyright by the US Copyright Office and listed in the US Library of Congress. 

All LifeMath versions keep financial information safely off line on your home computer

Identity information or account numbers are never required, asked for or entered

LifeMath runs on smart phones with some limitations

Support and counseling is provided by your legal, financial, medical or mental health professionals

LifeMath can be configured for small businesses and coordinated with personal finances

LifeMath requires Excel

Audio is enabled. Voice input is available with dictation software

You have your own way of handling household finances. LifeMath doesn't attempt to change that!
It simply and accurately displays the short and long term financial affect of your wants, needs, obligations and expectations before you commit to them. There's no sales or marketing,
no traditional instructions
or directions - pop ups and audio simply walk and talk ​you through ​it
in about an hour. If you like what you see and hear  GO FOR IT!  If not, LifeMath lets you
re-synchronize your incomes and outgoes
until your finances are what you want them to be. 

​​​LifeMath's 21st Century artificial intelligence is the only household finance technology awarded an Intellectual Property Copyright by the US Copyright Office and listed in the US Library of Congress.