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There are two other reason why your finances are out of sync: checking accounts, saving accounts and credit, debit and store cards are financial conveniences not money management tools and, although budgeting’s been around for millennia; financial planning and counseling for centuries; financial education, software and online banking for decades; none of them work as promised! If they did, you and 250 million Americans wouldn't be living paycheck to paycheck with excessive debt and insufficient savings!

LifeMath's 21st Century technology lets you synchronize your income and outgo faster, easier and wiser than any other technology or human can! It's practical to do just once, from time to time or often because you like what you see. Private and proprietary information (account names and numbers) are not used and never requested. There is zero chance of your information being on the Internet because LifeMath's copyrighted technology resides only on your home computer and uniquely uses the Internet without your information being on it

There are two software versions: LifeMath Lite and LifeMath Complete. Support is available. Please fill in and send the contact form for a free ten minute on-line demo of both from a friendly LifeMath support person.