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LifeMath is a division of Moneywatch Ltd


LifeMath, over three decades, has enabled more than 10,000 people to not have to live paycheck to paycheck. This was accomplished without telling, counseling or advising them what to do, or not do, with their money or their lives. People just need to clearly see where they are and where they’re going to be financially. If they like what they see they GO FOR IT! If not, they access LifeMath's comprehensive knowledge base to change what they see quickly, safely and conveniently.

Virtually all software vendors expect consumers to take their word that their software will work for them. After paying for the download, purchasers are left to fend for themselves or pay extra for support. Some vendors use automated tutorials that don’t work for the same reasons computers haven’t replaced teachers: they have no human connection with and no compassion for the people they're trying to tutor. 

LifeMath techs provide visitors with a fifteen minute online demo of the technology. That’s all that’s necessary because LifeMath's that intuitive. There’s no pressure because visitors either like what they see or they don’t. If they like what they see, techs will get them well on their way with thirty minutes of real time experience with the technology without cost or obligation. Techs never ask for account names, numbers or private information. If, after experiencing the technology, visitors are still comfortable with it, the tech will install LifeMath for $195 AND provide "How to" support online or by phone for one year. Please note: the fee isn't a cost, it’s an affordable investment in yourself that puts your incomes and outgoes in sync and lets you progress financially!

After thirty five  years and 10,000 Users, LifeMath has proven that it does enable people to not have to live paycheck to paycheck!

Please use the Contact Form below to arrange, at your convenience, your fifteen minute online LifeMath demo from a friendly LifeMath tech.


Three and a half decades of proven personal and
household finance management technology and support!

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